Turns out I am not immune to jet lag

.. massive jet lag.

I have been up since 4AM today, same yesterday (although I literally started to sway during lunch and had to go back to my room and a/c).  Day before that I awoke at 3:30PM after being up all night so to say I am not yet adjusted is an understatement.

But!  Today is the last day I gave myself to acclimate before heading off on my own for the month, which journey starts tonight.  Today I am up at the crack of dawn, downing my bustelo with my soy power and cacao (yes, I packed these items from New York) and am getting ready to spend the day traveling to Agra to see the Taj Mahal.  It will be my last opportunity to do something in a group setting and it seems crazy, no matter how tired you are, to not take the chance to be shuttled to see one of the 7 wonders of the world.  It is to be 97 degrees and humid as Hell but damn it I am going to do it.  I am packing a pillow and some benydryl for the 3-4 hour journey and hoping for the best.

I have had a great three days at Jindal.  I have been surrounded by scholars and I have learned A LOT.  Yesterday a speaker came in to speak to UN related issues but inserted some Indian cultural information I found myself sitting there so lucky to take in.  He spoke to Gandhi’s point of view.. how to implement it today.. I learned about the pavement dwellers.. more than I can speak to right now as… the bus is about to leave!

Thanks for following my journey thus far.  Tonight, after a trip back from Agra I head to Delhi on my own and the journey really begins 🙂


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