Almost there!

Dearest supporters,

Essentially this is a holder for what will be my journal chronicling my trip to India.. which begins THIS FRIDAY!

There are many thanks to be given and much to say but for now while I am running around packing and buying my Deet 🙂 I want to be sure to have a place you can come at any time to see what’s happening should you like to.

As the temporary header implies.. I am prepared to get broken and I am prepared to get lost.  Hopefully in addition to blogging about those things I will have lots of wonderful things to report on as well!  I think I will.

Ahh… In case you missed it a piece has already come out from this project! I had the pleasure of meeting with a 19 year old acid attack survivor by the name of Reshma who walked New York Fashion Week just a couple weeks ago!  We meet again next month in Mumbai.  For now enjoy the article (click on the photo below) Bustle put out that includes photos and quotes by me!





One thought on “Almost there!

  1. I’m not sure why it says “This is the excerpt for your very first post”.. instead of adding in an excerpt but WordPress has no call in line so it may take me a while to fix this…
    For now please know to read a post you click on the title- in this case “Almost there!” 🙂


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